Friday, March 20, 2015

Sometimes the Leap Takes a Push

As we travel through this journey called life. Each new challenge brings with it new knowledge, new confidence and new self worth. 

So why is it that we resist them each at first? I've been sharing lately about the amazing results I'm experiencing with my new business coach Chris Suva. As I have found in my experience with working with a coach, I am pushed to do or create something bigger than I have before. I am pushed to step into a version of myself that perhaps others see, but I don't completely believe yet. 

As I am working on bringing my first full day event to fruition, I find myself alternating between excitement and terror, anticipation and self-doubt. Luckily for me, based on my very first session with Chris, I can look back and see how that exact feeling in the past has led me to some of my very best moments and finest achievements. 

Sometimes, in order to take that leap of faith, we need a little push. 


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  1. Well Shannnon you have done it again. I am ready to take control of some things I have let slide, my catering business, my blog and my appearance. My blog I stopped while I was dealing with a home purchase and move. My appearance the make up hair dye clothes all became too much as I worked long and crazy hours on my day job which also helped me put my catering business on the back burner as well. Well as I get closer to retirement (9/16) it is time to turn it around and take the leap of faith and watch greatness happen. Thanks for the push and accountability!!