Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What makes you angry about the world?

In my blog challenge, I managed to miss the writing prompt on Day 2 so I'm making up for that one now...

Maybe it was kind of fate to allow me to miss this prompt because it's not something that resonates with me. 

I can't stay mad.


I can't tell you what the exact date was, the month, or even frankly the year, but I distinctly remember the details and the feeling of the day in my mid-twenties when I was driving in my car on a country road when I had an earth shattering revelation. 

My mom and I have had a challenging relationship most of my life, as many girls and their moms do, especially through those teen and early 20's years. 

That day, driving my car, it simply dawned on me that the only person I was hurting by staying angry was me

The person you're mad at often doesn't know, or care that you're angry or why. They often will never apologize for the thing that they did that hurt you or scared you or just plain pissed you off. They are off living their own joyful, or at least oblivious life (that part is NOT directed at my mom, just at people in the world in general - just to be clear). In the mean time, you're sitting there, feeling horrible and basically poisoning yourself with the bile you continue to manufacture. The only person you're hurting by staying angry is YOU.

I used to be that person, I used to stew on something after it happened and get 
more and more upset, more and more indignant, more and more furious. 

But that day, that moment, it all just melted away. I just let it go. 

I still get angry, sure! Hell, I have Irish and German blood in my veins (haha)
It just doesn't stay around. There are even times when I try to stay angry and I just can't. It feels yucky and I just don't like it.

So, I can't really answer the question, there are plenty of things that irritate me, drive me crazy, make me sad. I just guess I like myself a little too much to let anger poison me.

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