Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What do people thank you for?

It may or may not surprise you that I've embarked on yet another journey of learning/personal development/discovery. 

If you have been reading this blog for some time, you may have noticed that I kind of disappeared. I had been writing weekly, and sometimes more for quite a while, but then as life does, I became overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed or frustrated I tend to just stop. 

Stop pretty much everything. 

Stop working out regularly

Stop eating right 

Stop my daily work to build and grow my business 

Stop my daily work to get to be the person I know I'm really meant to be. 

So, when I found the Live Your Legend team, I was totally on board. As part of the work I'm doing to reconstruct the business model around Whole Self Nourish and figure out what that is going to look like for me going forward, I'm re-devoting myself to the practice of regularly writing to this blog.

You are welcome and invited to tune in or tune out as this blog and I progress and evolve into the next stages of what is to come.

So, enough with the preamble... on to the topic of today... 

What do people thank you for? 

Those of you that know me in person have witnessed that I'm not very good at being the center of attention. Weirdly, I am not afraid of public speaking, I actually quite enjoy it, but I like it as a means to the end of promoting and acknowledging others.

I'm one of those people who has something about them which draws stuff out of people. All kinds of stuff. Like, total strangers tell me their entire life story, including some really personal details that often make me a bit uncomfortable. But, I'm a really good listener. I'm really good at being completely present with the person I'm connecting with and leaving my agenda at the door. I'm also really good at hearing the things that people are saying that they aren't actually saying, and relaying that information back to them in a way that allows them to acknowledge it for themselves. Finally, I'm good at seeing what makes that person completely brilliant, genius and unique and helping them see that for themselves. (All of this is kind of funny to me as of course I'm horrible at doing this for myself.)

That's what people thank me for.

How about you? What do people thank you for? I'd love to hear it in the comments!  

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