Friday, April 15, 2016

What Difference do you want to make?

People are bombarded every day with ugliness. The media focuses on it so much, that many people simply adopt the belief that that's really all the world is. Whether it's the violence and mistreatment of humanity pushed by the news, or the social sadness of the latest Hollywood breakup pushed by all the grocery store magazines at the checkout counter.

So people start to live their lives in quiet capitulation. They just accept that they are surrounded by ugliness, that the world is getting worse and that there is nothing they can do to change any of it.

They start to believe that they aren't supposed to be happy. That life isn't supposed to be good and exciting and amazing. They start to believe that those moments of happiness are only brief respites from the obligatory doldrums of life. They wait days for the brief happiness of the weekend. They wait weeks for the brief happiness of a vacation. They wait years for the hope for the promise of happiness of retirement. 

What difference do I want to make? 

I want to help people see that it's not only their right, but their obligation to the world to be happy every day. Not just on Saturdays. Not just on spring break. And retirement? The statistics are terrifying on just how many people make, how soon they die once they retire, and the quality of life they find once they "get there".

I want to change that belief. Life is not meant to be endured. Life is meant to be celebrated. Life is meant to be enjoyed. 

What about you? What difference do YOU want to make? I'd really love to hear about it. 

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