Friday, October 30, 2015

What a difference the sun makes!

Here in the midwest, we're pretty solidly into fall. Meaning the temps are getting lower, the colors of the leaves are mostly changed and the leaves themselves are starting to fall. 
This is my favorite time of year, as I am a fan of the cooler temps, although we've had more rain than I like. This past week, I really noticed what a difference the sun makes. On back to back days, the temp was the same - between 60 and 65. 

The first day, I was perfectly comfortable in a t-shirt, and even a little warm in jeans. 

The second day, I was down right chilly in a sweatshirt. 

What was the difference? The sun! 
The first day was a clear sunny day and the second was overcast. 

For whatever reason, I really took notice of this. 

I will never advocate a false attitude appearance, and don't want you to feel like I'm suggesting a Pollyanna perspective, but think about how this applies to so many areas of your life. 

Where can you bring more sunshine? The same circumstance can appear, sound, feel and even taste different in the bright yummy warm light of the sun.

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