Friday, August 14, 2015

The Bloom on the Rose

I've written before about pruning as a necessary process for growth.
I was deadheading my rose bushes a week or two back and for some reason it caused me to think about it from a slightly different perspective. 

When we come up with our next great idea or thing or just hit our next stage of greatness, we essentially bloom. Each time, we allow ourselves to think that this is the "end" in a sort. We feel accomplished. 

I'm no green thumb, so I apologize if I explain this wrong, but how I understand it is that basically when flower withers and dies on a plant, the plant really has no idea that the flower is no longer blooming. It continues to send nutrients and energy to that bloom, essentially starving the rest of the plant. It is when we trim off this withered bloom that the plant can grow stronger, fuller, and in some cases bloom again, as is the case in fact with my rose bushes.

I think we do this in our lives and in our business. We continue to feed our energy into a bloom that has withered and prevent the option to bloom again, or force that bloom to wait an entire season.

So what if we taught ourselves to look at each new bloom as a great, beautiful and temporary win, being fully ready to move on right away to the next step, the next stage, the next idea, or just the next repetition of that beautiful bloom?

Do you do it? Do you find yourself funneling energy into a tired bloom in some area of your life or business?  I know I do. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

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